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Series of Images

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Remember that link to the side, to the Downhill Stream of Consciousness? If you like underwater pics or general snapshots (not edited, not processed, just left as-is), take a gander there.

In fact, start here, then click through the “next day” links. Might be worth it, if you’re into that kind of stuff. An example:

Tree at Night, handheld

Tree at night, handheld

Relating to a sunrise

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Referring to yesterday’s posted image, how about a sunrise through a filthy window?

Dirty sunrise

Dirty sunrise

Originally posted on my Tumblr blog. You might want to check it out if you haven’t seen it in a while. I have been sporadically posting cell phone shots there.  In some cases (like the dirty sunrise posted here), I like them better than my higher-quality ones.

Even if they tend towards the hipster side.

Tumblr is not a 365 project

Sunday, August 29th, 2010
Kicking back, feet up

Kicking back, feet up

One of the more popular things on Flickr is to do a “365″ – a project that forces you to get out and take at least one photo each day.  I’ve never been big on these types of projects, personally.  Forcing myself to take a picture gets… pretty miserable results, actually.  So I’ve never done one.  Quality would be lacking, to say the least.

So in regards to the last post: this is not a 365 project.  I will myself to post no more than I want, and only when inspired.

I would also like to point out: there is a link to the Stream of Consciousness to the right, just above the link to my Flickr stream.

See me kicking back with my feet up?  That’s my approach to that site.

Trying something new…

Friday, August 27th, 2010
Dragonfly after the rain

Dragonfly after the rain

Embracing and extending an idea from another photographer, I decided to setup a tumblr blog for lower-quality photos.

In this case, I noticed on a recent post about social CRM that he had a link to his profile, and on his profile I found a separate flickr stream dedicated to just iPhone pics. This struck me as a great idea: his quality work is separated from his snapshots, so friends (who are likely to care about the snapshots & will forgive the poorer quality) view that, as doubtlessly do a few stalker fans. I enjoyed the beard hat, for what is was worth!

Now, I have a different set of circumstances.  I don’t (yet) have an online gallery; I really only have this blog, a flickr stream, and a personal blog (yes, unlinked).  The focus of this blog is learning – there are writings, meandering thoughts, wordy paragraphs, and occasional photos.  Occasionally I’ll put in a daily snapshot, but it’s rare – those pics aren’t appropriate for the subject here.

Besides, who cares?

I do like the idea of putting out more of my pics, though.  It’s a way to share, and a great way to get feedback.  So in that vein, I started a tumblr feed – check it out, if you so wish. Since Tumblr is a bit easier for those quick, on-the-fly snapshots and observations, that’s what I’m using.

So, for now: the Downhill Stream of Consciousness blog is pretty much a visual record of memorable images that pierce the consciousness enough to stimulate me into posting here. Which is a nice way to say “it’s a repository for my cellphone snaps.”

Take the photo associated with this post, for example: on a completely non-photographic errand, I stumbled across this guy.  Despite it being warm& mid-day, and this guy moving his legs around, he refused to fly off.  The closes camera to me? My cell phone.  What you see here is straight out of that camera, unedited.

So commencing a short while ago: the graphic journal of my awareness commences at Tumblr.

Critique away.